Friday, September 4, 2015

Asian Matchmaker and Janis Spindel Share $13 Million Dollar Office Manual

Asian matchmaker Janis Spindel share a $13 million year office manual. The first time in history, America's top matchmaker mother-daughter team of Janis and Carly, wrote and published their $13 million year office training procedures manual. The goal of this office manual is to recruit and train scouts to duplicate what they have done over the past two decades. Asian matchmaker and the mother-daughter team will go through a 10 week intensive training program, followed by a live six-month field training program. At the end of the six-month life field training program, the scouts will earn 70% of the revenue they generate in their respective territories. Once the scouts reach $250,000 of revenue generated, the scouts will earn 80% in their respective territories. If you have what it takes to be part of the dynamic team, call Carly at 212-987-1582. Matchmaking Lottery Flash Match NYC Course 526

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